Foreign Minister Hayashi stressed that he would pay close attention to the impact on the economy and civic activities of the growing movement to review measures against the spread of the new coronavirus in various parts of China, and that he would do everything possible to support local Japanese people and companies. Did.

In China, where protests against the "zero corona" policy, which entails strict movement restrictions, have occurred, there is a growing movement to review infection control measures in various places, such as the need to present negative PCR test certificates in some areas.

Regarding this, Foreign Minister Hayashi said at a press conference, "We will continue to pay close attention to the impact of quarantine measures in China on the Chinese economy and civil activities."

After that, the Japanese embassy in China will send emails to people who have registered in advance to inform them of the epidemic prevention measures and call for stockpiling food and other items. I explained that we are providing support such as

He also emphasized that, "Based on the specific situation of Japanese residents, we will continue to do everything possible to protect Japanese nationals and support the activities of Japanese companies, including communication with the Chinese side."