A 46-year-old man was sentenced by the criminal court in Brest (Finistère) on Monday for a series of thefts.

In September 2021, he had robbed four homes in just 4:30 hours, within a perimeter of 250 meters, reports



This father had been confused by DNA present at the scene of the break-ins.

The defendant had forced the locks to enter the apartments and had stolen several objects such as jewelry, perfume or laptops.

Already condemned in the past

The man already had six entries on his criminal record at the time of this hearing.

He had used several identities in the past and was already incarcerated in connection with another case.

During his trial, he denied the charges against him.

The court followed the prosecutor's submissions.

The defendant was sentenced to eighteen months in prison and the revocation of the twelve-month suspended sentence of his last conviction.

Miscellaneous facts

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Miscellaneous facts

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