In total, it is about SEK 4.9 million, which will go to competence-providing measures.

It must be included in the budget for 2023.

That the Social Democrats are now working hard on the issue is no surprise.

They went to the election hoping to improve the situation and have now taken over the government in Åre together with Västjämtland's well and the Left Party. 

Do you really think more money can help?

- Yes, I really think so.

We are basically an attractive municipality to live in and if we can create the conditions for good workplaces, I think we can solve it, says Martine Eng.

Will investigate whether it is possible to move staff

In Duved there are departments that are ready to open up.

But because there is a lack of staff, they are kept closed.

Instead, children have been given a place in Mörsil where there are staff.

Why can't you move staff from Mörsil to Duved instead?

So that the children don't have to go to Mörsil?

- It's a business question and a question you ask yourself that we're trying to get an answer to now to see if it's possible or not, answers Martine Eng.

But would it be possible?

We know that it happens in care for the elderly and we will see if possible here as well.

That's something we're looking at now.

Martine Eng understands the frustration and concern among parents.

- We work as fast as we can to become a better employer.

No unanimous decision

In the municipal council on November 30, the question of extra funds was up for decision.

M, C and KD voted for half of the money, SEK 2.5 million, to go to purposes other than competence provision within pre-schools primarily.

But the majority's, i.e. S, VV and V, proposal to set aside 4.9 million for the preschool was therefore hammered through.