Railways enter Qinghai-Tibet, roads form a dense network, high gorges leave Pinghu, and ports connect five oceans... Industrial progress provides a solid guarantee for the Chinese-style modernization road; new-type industrialization injects vigorous power into the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the new requirements of new industrialization have given China's industry not only a "whole system" of steel, but also an intelligent "nerve center".

Big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies enable industries to achieve end-to-end intelligent transformation and digital transformation.

  Quality is the lifeline of a manufacturing enterprise.

A roll of fiber on the assembly line used to rely on human eyes and a flashlight to identify defects. Now, the "Vision System" AI has entered the textile workshop, and it only takes two seconds to complete the inspection of a silk spindle, which improves the quality inspection efficiency by 70%. %.

  "Introducing a large number of this kind of equipment will save us from staring at the silk cake all the time, reducing our labor load."

  Collaboration greatly improves industrial production efficiency.

The digital brain of a factory of a domestic car company enables more than 20,000 R&D and design personnel around the world to work together in different time and space, and different regions, and more than 1,000 parts suppliers realize production and manufacturing collaboration.

"Artificial Intelligence + Industrial Internet" is advancing towards the core link of intelligent manufacturing in an all-round way, seeking to realize the step-by-step upgrade from smart factory to future factory and even "factory metaverse".

  Power security is the lifeblood of industry.

One kilowatt-hour of electricity far away in the frontier has been inspected by intelligent drones, lighting up the safety production lines of every factory.

Under the uninterrupted operation of the "intelligent brain", the energy of wind turbines provides industrial enterprises with clean, low-carbon and green energy.

  Thousands of industries, production and life, large and small enterprises, digital China has a myriad of phenomena.

The strategy of integrating cloud and intelligence and deepening the industry has realized the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, injected new momentum into China's economic development, and driven us to achieve the goal of realizing new industrialization and building a manufacturing powerhouse.

Chief planner: Yu Lan and Hu Fang

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