They had been in the sights of the Toulouse police for several months, suspected of being at the head of a prostitution network operating on Boulevard des Minimes, in Toulouse.

This Monday morning, a big operation took place on the road to Gabardie, in Toulouse, in a camp of Bulgarians.

Nine men from this country, as well as a Frenchwoman were arrested during this dragnet which required the mobilization of a hundred members of the police, as well as the canine brigade.

This wave of arrests was carried out jointly by the judicial police and the departmental security on the rogatory commission of a magistrate from the specialized interregional jurisdiction (JIRS) of Bordeaux, who is working on the cases of delinquency in organized gangs.

While the main suspects were taken into custody, the victims of this traffic, forced into prostitution, were heard by the police.

The leaders of this mafia network were used to going back and forth between France and Bulgaria, where many of the women they exploited originated.


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