China News Agency, Beijing, December 5th (Reporter Xu Wenxin) At 20:09 on December 4th, Beijing time, the return capsule of the Shenzhou 14 manned spacecraft successfully landed at the Dongfeng Landing Field. Successfully, the three astronauts who traveled 183 days on the space station returned home safely.

Many overseas Chinese watched the live broadcast of the spacecraft returning home and said that this is a glorious moment for China's spaceflight, and they are excited, moved and proud of it.

  "Welcome home from Shenzhou 14!" Since the astronauts of Shenzhou 14 and Shenzhou 15 successfully "reunited in space", Hu Xian, president of Canadian Symbiosis International Media, has paid close attention to every move of "Shenzhou 14".

She said, "Watching the live broadcast of the spacecraft returning home is like watching a technological blockbuster. I am proud and moved by the smiling faces of the astronauts returning. This is a true portrayal of the spirit of daring to fight, daring to win, and tenacious struggle in spaceflight."

  Hu Xian said that many astronauts have trained hard for many years. Even if they did not perform the mission, they still remained infatuated and never complained. They outlined the most beautiful appearance of astronauts.

  In the past six months, the three astronauts of "Shenzhou XIV" have been called the "busiest crew", creating many firsts and opening the era of "three-bedroom" space for Chinese people. The Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft has even set a record The record for the fastest rendezvous and docking of a human spacecraft.

  "One small step in space, one giant leap for mankind. The development of China's aerospace industry is the process of human exploration of the universe, which promotes the progress of global science and technology and seeks the well-being of all mankind." Wu Hao, president of the Russian Overseas Chinese Youth Federation, said, Strong science and technology lead to strong national strength, and the aerospace industry is the embodiment of China's scientific and technological progress and strong economic strength.

This excited overseas Chinese and inspired their love for their ancestral (home) country.

  Wu Hao was deeply impressed by the "Shen XIV" space teaching. He said that the space class stimulated children's enthusiasm and creativity in space exploration and injected fresh blood into the space industry.

It is because of the continuous struggle of generations of astronauts that the glorious moment of China's aerospace industry today, and the millennium dream of the Chinese nation "Heavenly Palace" can come into reality.

  Gao Wei, president of Fujian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand, still remembers the third lesson of "Tiangong Classroom".

"This class introduces how to use plants to ensure the food, oxygen and pure water that human beings need to survive in the extraterrestrial environment. This is the most concerned issue in space life science. "Seed-to-seed" cultivation experiment of the whole life cycle. As a person in charge of a biotechnology company, I also imagine that one day our company's laboratory will be placed in Tiangong."

  "The manned spaceflight industry not only reflects the comprehensive national strength, but also greatly increases the pride of the people. The strength of China's space industry and the prosperity of the nation have brought us infinite glory and pride." Gao Wei believes that with the help of manned Aerospace engineering has very important practical significance in enhancing the national self-confidence, national pride and national cohesion of overseas Chinese.

As an old overseas Chinese said, as high as the Chinese spaceship flies, the overseas Chinese can lift their heads high.