China News Service, December 5th, according to Taiwan's "China Times", the "legislator" of the DPP, Tsai Adaptation, was suspected of serious plagiarism in his doctoral dissertation at Taipei University, which was withdrawn after review by Taipei University.

  KMT New Taipei City Councilor Ye Yuanzhi criticized that plagiarism incidents of DPP politicians are too frequent, and the value of the DPP has collapsed. "This is a matter of integrity. Is it so difficult to apologize?" There is a book club where everyone discusses how to plagiarize?

  Ye Yuanzhi pointed out that former Hsinchu Mayor Lin Zhijian, Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan, and Cai Shiyi successively reported plagiarism in papers. At the beginning, Tsai Ing-wen supported Lin Zhijian for not plagiarizing. The plagiarism rate of characters is high. This is nothing more than trampling on academic ethics and treating academic qualifications as a gold-plated tool for political figures.

  Ye Yuanzhi said that both Lin and Zheng's supervisors are Chen Mingtong, the head of Taiwan's security department, and they have not explained to the general public that they are teachers.

He emphasized that plagiarism involves integrity issues. Is it so difficult to face it calmly and apologize to the public?

Blatant denial will only drive people further apart.

  According to Taipei University, the approval of Tsai’s doctoral dissertation has been completed. If the parties concerned have any objections, they can file a complaint with the university within 15 days after receiving the notice, and the trial will be handled in accordance with the regulations.

  With regard to the frequent dissertations of political figures in the Democratic Progressive Party who have their degrees revoked due to plagiarism, You Yinglong, chairman of the "Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation", said that plagiarism in political figures' papers is an out-and-out scandal, which is more serious than the black gold problem; The party is pushed into a "Hamlet situation" of life or death.