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The bodies of 2,500 Caspian Sea seals classified as endangered have been found off the coast of Dagestan in southern Russia.

The number of dead seals may increase as the number of confirmed carcasses continues to rise after 700 were first found the previous day.

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The massacre is the largest mass death of seals in the past decade, Russian authorities said.

The Caspian seal population, which numbered over 1 million in the early 1900s, has recently declined to 70,000.

It is an analysis that environmental pollution, climate change, and overfishing caused by oil spills in the Caspian Sea, where oil production takes place, are encouraging the mass death of seals.

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Russian authorities are determined to determine the cause of the mass death of seals.

Netizens commented, "There is no causeless death. I think human error is the cause.", "Environmental problems like time bombs, now is the time to really pay attention."

and so on.