It all started when Caisa Hjelm had to clear the attic of the children's toys and outgrown clothes.

- I looked for a long time for something that wasn't for profit where you could donate and it wouldn't go on sale.

But there wasn't, says Caisa Hjelm:

- Then I thought of Pippi Longstocking.

She had a big tree where all the children could get a Christmas present.

"A lot of shame and guilt"

She found a perfect apple tree next to the bike path near the health center in Höganäs.

Central but still a little out of the way.

- There is a lot of shame and guilt linked to financial vulnerability, says Caisa Hjelm.

Popular tree

New Christmas presents grow on the tree almost every day.

More Höganäs residents have connected and are hanging up packages.

One of the flea markets will also contribute, says Caisa Hjelm.

- It has been a fantastic response.

It's a lot of fun, she says.