China News Service, December 3. According to the Russian satellite network citing the Greek news portal, on the 2nd local time, a train carrying US military equipment derailed near a port in the northern Greek city of Alexandroupolis. .

  According to reports, the train derailed outside the city's port on the morning of the 2nd local time. At that time, the train was carrying tanks, armored vehicles, special containers and other military equipment of the US troops stationed in Europe.

  The port of Alexandroupoli was also used by the US and NATO to deliver weapons to Ukraine, according to a Greek news portal.

  The incident sparked concern among local residents, who often see trains carrying military equipment but don't know what's inside the military containers.

  Shortly after the incident, local activists in Greece staged a symbolic protest at the site of the derailment, demanding the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Greece and halting arms exports to Ukraine.

  Earlier this week, media reports said that the US transport ship ARC Endurance unloaded a large amount of military equipment in Alexandroupoli for further export to the Baltic and Balkan countries by rail.