Many were the authors who made it to Kulturhuset Multeum in Strängnäs for the book festival on Saturday.

There, the authors gave lectures and set up tables with their books to meet and converse with the guests.

One of the authors, Carin Adlén, released a book together with Magnus Svensson this spring.

A cookbook to help you in your love life.

- We were both newly single after long marriages so we were rusty on the market, and it actually also started with a date between us.

So we asked the question;

all that I desire in a relationship, do I offer it myself?, says Carin Adlén.

The work already started five years ago and this spring the book was finished, a kind of cookbook of almost 300 pages for success with the date.

- With everything that is happening in the world, we need to shift our gaze to something that makes us happy, and that is food, sex and love.

There is a clear connection, we show that in the book.

With humor and a twinkle in her eye, of course, she says.

Hear author Carin Adlén's three tips for a happier dating life.