, December 3. According to relevant sources quoted by Japan’s Kyodo News, the Japanese government has proposed a total of 430,000 yuan for the five-year period starting from 2023 for the “Defense Force Preparation Plan” around the amount of future defense equipment and other funds. billion yen (approximately RMB 2.25 trillion), and coordination has been launched.

  According to reports, the Japanese government intends to guarantee a minimum of 40 trillion yen, and hopes to determine the amount between the upper limit of 43 trillion yen.

If it is set at 43 trillion yen, it will be more than 1.5 times the approximately 27.47 trillion yen in the current "Medium-term Defense Force Preparation Plan" (2019-2023).

  This reflects Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's proposal to "fundamentally strengthen defense capabilities."

Kishida will make a final judgment as soon as next week.

  According to Japanese media, the substantial increase in defense expenditure will be a major change in Japan's security policy, which has always pursued not becoming a military power.

There may be concerns that this will affect the situation in East Asia and lead to an intensification of the arms race.

How to raise financial resources is also the focus.

  Regarding defense expenses, the Ministry of Defense previously advocated the need for about 48 trillion yen, but conceded to 43 trillion yen; the Ministry of Finance, which demanded compression to about 35 trillion yen, also conceded to 40 trillion yen.

However, there are strong calls within the Liberal Democratic Party for a substantial increase far exceeding 40 trillion yen, and there are still uncertainties in whether a compromise can be reached between 40 trillion and 43 trillion yen.