The Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) reported that an Israeli soldier "executed a Palestinian youth with live bullets from zero distance" this afternoon, Friday, in the town of Hawara, south of Nablus, in the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that the General Authority for Civil Affairs informed it of the death of a citizen after the occupation forces shot him in Hawara.

A video clip of the incident circulated by Palestinian pages on social networks showed that an Israeli soldier jostled with a Palestinian, before the soldier fired from zero distance at the Palestinian.

#Watch the moment the occupation army shot a young man in Hawara, south of #Nablus

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New Press (@NewpressPs) December 2, 2022

Wafa reported that the Israeli occupation soldiers prevented citizens and ambulances from approaching the young man while he was lying on the ground.

This week, the Israeli army killed 9 Palestinians in Ramallah, Jenin and Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

Another scene of the execution of a Palestinian youth by the bullets of an Israeli soldier, Hawara, south of Nablus

- The Palestinian Information Center (@PalinfoAr) December 2, 2022

The death toll from the beginning of this year until today, Friday, has risen to 211, including 153 in the West Bank and 52 in the Gaza Strip.