Chairman Powell of the Fed = Federal Reserve Board, which is the central bank of the United States, gave a lecture on the 30th of last month and suggested that the interest rate hike would be reduced at the meeting this month at the earliest.

In addition, he reiterated his intention to continue monetary tightening such as raising interest rates, saying that the inflation rate is still too high.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell speaks at the Brookings Institution, a think tank in Washington, D.C., on the 30th.

In this, Chairman Powell commented on the unusually large interest rate hike of 0.75% that has been decided four times in a row so far, saying, "The effect of the interest rate hike will be seen from now on. "It makes sense to slow down," he said, suggesting a smaller rate hike at the Fed's meeting as early as this month.

"Inflation is still too high, as more evidence is needed to be sure inflation has passed its peak," he said, referring to the fall in the October CPI.

After that, he reiterated his intention to continue monetary tightening, such as raising interest rates, saying, "History strongly warns against premature monetary easing."

The Fed will hold a meeting to decide the final monetary policy for two days from the 13th of this month.

The Fed's policy continues to have a major impact on the yen exchange rate, and the focus will be on how the outlook for future interest rates will be presented.