Like the automobile, the civil aviation sector must also reinvent itself to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Aircraft manufacturers must therefore rack their brains to find new solutions, like from Airbus, which has already carried out tests with an A330 powered by fuel based on… frying oil.

Airbus is also working on hydrogen propulsion, particularly for the A380.

Solid batteries

We learn today, through a joint press release, that Renault and Airbus have reached an agreement for a hybrid technology that could benefit both companies in their respective activities.

The main objective of this partnership is to develop technologies related to energy storage.

Specifically, the goal is to double the energy density of batteries by 2030, moving from current chemical (lithium-ion) cells to all-solid-state designs.

On an aircraft, the electric batteries would be used in particular during the take-off phase, before being recharged during the flight.


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