• Antoine Carrier made a name for himself last year, shooting rap clips to teach math to his middle school students.

  • Since the start of the school year, this maths teacher from Dupaty college in Blanquefort, near Bordeaux, has been called upon from all sides to carry out new projects.

  • In particular, he is preparing, with college students, a clip around the theme of “anxious generation.


He can't stop... Antoine Carrier alias A'Rieka, this college teacher from Blanquefort (Gironde) who made the buzz last year with his rap math lessons, is overwhelmed with requests and has been carrying out projects since the start of the school year. .

Latest: the shooting of a clip for the Bordeaux museum, which allowed him to leave the field of mathematics to rap about science and nature.

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"The museum contacted me at the beginning of the summer, asking me to write a song about the establishment," he says.

As soon as it was ready, I organized an outing with my sixth graders to shoot the clip on the spot.

It was a bit of a three-in-one day, because as we were at the beginning of the school year, it served as an integration for the students, it was also a day of discovery of the museum, and finally learning filming a clip.

I showed them that you needed a lot of images to get to a 1'30 clip, that you had to do playbacks… All positive, what.


Second season of Les Rapémathiques

At the same time, Antoine Carrier also has a project “with the college of Carbon-Blanc for the month of January, and with the primary school of Parempuyre.

I had quite a few other requests but I can't say yes to everyone, otherwise I won't make it.

Especially since A'Rieka continues his rapemathics in his establishment, the Dupaty college, with its two sixth-grade classes and two third-grade classes.

“I shot the second season, which I start uploading every Wednesday,” he says.

We find on his youtube channel, his courses on fractions or the Pythagorean theorem that he put into songs.

Antoine Carrier also leads a rap workshop within his college.

Last year, it was an opportunity to shoot a clip with his students on the theme of harassment.

“We sent it to several schools during the day against bullying, and it was an opportunity for a debate with my students.

This year, we are going to do something around the theme of the anxious generation.

It was the students who had this idea, when we were talking about ecology, the Covid, a lot of subjects that affect them… We thought it would be a good idea to put all of this together in a song.


A'Rieka is also carrying out his own musical projects at the same time, with an EP due out on January 19, comprising five tracks.


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