A mother had given birth to a baby who died

in utero

on December 16, 2015, at the Rouen University Hospital (Seine-Maritime).

The body was finally cremated in July 2016. Believing that their wishes had not been respected, the parents demanded 63,000 euros from the CHU.

Their request was rejected by the administrative court of Rouen, reveals Paris Normandy, Tuesday.

The baby's body had only been claimed on February 18, 2019, while this request must be made within ten days.

The couple had waited for the filing without follow-up of the complaint for poor care that they had previously filed against the establishment.

Two opposing documents

On April 1, 2019, they were then informed that the baby's body had been cremated three years earlier.

The ashes were placed in a dedicated space in the monumental cemetery of Rouen.

After study, it finally appeared that the parents had given the establishment a document giving their agreement for the cremation.

However, it was quickly followed by a similar document expressing a contrary opinion.


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