The Budget Committee of the House of Councilors is deliberating on this year's second supplementary budget bill, and Prime Minister Kishida has established systems and systems that can make it clear to the international community that possession of the "counterattack capability" is not a "preemptive strike." I showed the idea that I would like to build a

Ritsumin Eri Tokunaga “Olympics/Para Corruption Case”

Eri Tokunaga of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan said in connection with the corruption scandal surrounding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, "The IOC (International Olympic Committee) recognizes this as a serious incident, and will have an impact on Sapporo's bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. It is necessary to set up a parliamentary committee with strong authority and clarify the facts in front of the public."

In response to this, Prime Minister Kishida said, "If there is fraud, it will greatly reduce the value of sports, including the Olympics and Paralympics. It is up to the Diet to decide whether to set up an investigative committee in the Diet, but the government also has this problem. I would like to consider what kind of verification should be done for this."

Liberal Democratic Party Sukemaro Fukuoka “Strengthening drug discovery capabilities”

Sukemaro Fukuoka of the Liberal Democratic Party commented on Japan's drug discovery environment, saying, "Although Japan was thought to be an advanced country in medicine, the development of new coronavirus vaccines and therapeutic drugs has been delayed, and the decline in drug discovery capabilities has become apparent. The development of the pharmaceutical industry in Japan is also important from the security point of view."

In response, Prime Minister Kishida said, ``The healthcare industry, including pharmaceuticals, contributes to the improvement of people's health and medical care, and is an important industry that will be the core of future economic growth. In order to continue to produce innovative pharmaceuticals, we will steadily work to strengthen our drug discovery capabilities, such as establishing a data infrastructure for research and development and establishing a clinical trial environment at hospitals that are responsible for international-standard clinical research." rice field.

Liberal Democrat Hiroshi Moriya “Wage increase”

Hiroshi Moriya of the Liberal Democratic Party commented on the structural wage increase that the government is aiming for, saying, ``Prime Minister Kishida strongly talks about strengthening investment in people and facilitating labor mobility, but rather increasing labor mobility I know that as globalization progresses, the Japanese style will not work, but it is a very difficult challenge, so I would like to hear your enthusiasm."

In response, Prime Minister Kishida said, ``We cannot sustain growth unless we move the labor force in response to the changing engine of growth. It is becoming difficult to achieve this in the future.We will achieve wage increases by responding appropriately to growth engines.This is the structural wage increase that I am talking about."

LDP Mr. Iwao Horii “counterattack ability”

Iwao Horii of the Liberal Democratic Party commented on the "counterattack capability" of hitting enemy missile launch sites, saying, "The current state of missile defense is like shooting down pistol bullets with pistol bullets. I would like to ask about the necessity of having the ability to properly reach the enemy's missile base so that it will not be launched."

In response, Prime Minister Kishida said, ``Are we sufficiently prepared to protect the lives and livelihoods of the people against technologies such as missiles, which are changing and evolving at a rapid speed? Of course, we will make efforts, but we must not exclude all options, including the ability to counterattack, and we must realistically consider them. I want to go,' he said.

In addition, at the committee meeting on the 30th, Prime Minister Kishida pointed out that "it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a preemptive strike or not" with regard to "counterattack capability", but in response, "In international law, theories on preemptive strikes are divided, and the measure is different depending on the country. "There are various ways. Our country must create a system and a system to make it clear that it is not a preemptive attack. We will do our best to explain to the Diet and the public," he said.