There have long been exceptions to the requirement for how many people can ride in a vehicle, which has made it possible for more people to ride than there are seats for.

The new rules state that it is not permitted to ride on the bodywork, everyone needs to be accommodated in the car's seats even in processions and the like.

In addition, it is assumed that the speed is not higher than 20 kilometers per hour if you have more passengers than the car is registered for.

Transportation to and from cruises is limited

It is also not allowed to go to or from events with more people than the vehicle is registered for, and flatbed driving is only allowed in direct connection with temporary events such as school graduations and carnivals.

The rules come into being after accidents with personal injuries.

- There have been problems with students riding long before and after events, in a way that is not justified, says the Swedish Transport Agency's investigator Niclas Nilsson in a press release.

The new rules enter into force on 1 January 2023