North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took a commemorative photo with Air Force aviators who were put into a demonstration flight targeting South Korea last month, and also conducted a large-scale promotion.

The Korean Central News Agency said that the commemorative events for Air Force Day were held in Pyongyang on the 28th and 29th of last month. He said that he called 705 aviators from about 20 regiments of the division to the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Party and warmly congratulated and encouraged them.

On the 4th of last month, North Korea carried out a demonstration flight in response to the ROK-US joint air exercise 'Vigilant Storm'.

"The revolutionary military exploits of the People's Air Force, which defended the airspace of the motherland at the risk, will shine forever as a speculative victory in the history of the country," said General Secretary Kim.

The Korean Central News Agency also reported that "an order from the chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea to raise military titles" was delivered to the air force commanders and combat pilots, and that a military title of one grade higher and a general's robe were also awarded. 

Commander of the Aviation and Anti-Air Forces Command, Kwang-hyeok Kim, was awarded the title of 'Hero' along with a gold star medal and the First Class Order of the National Flag, while Air Force commanders and aviators were awarded medals and medals.

Since 2012, North Korea has been commemorating November 29th as 'Aircraft Day', when President Kim Il-sung founded the Air Corps in 1945.

North Korean media reported that a "grand banquet" was held with joint performances by the Defense Ministry Orchestra, Navy Orchestra, and Air Force Orchestra.