A former policeman, legislative candidate and opponent of vaccination against Covid-19, was indicted and placed in pre-trial detention for the circulation of the "free franc", a currency supposed to "replace" the euro, the Toulon prosecutor's office announced on Wednesday.

Arrested last week, Alexandre Juving-Brunet was indicted for having issued, within the framework of an association, "on French territory initially an electronic currency, then a paper currency, fiduciary, which is called the " franc libre"" and this with the stated aim "of replacing the euro", indicated the public prosecutor of Toulon Samuel Finielz.

Banknotes with the effigy of Clovis and Joan of Arc

Alexandre Juving-Brunet is accused of "illegal exercise of the activity of electronic money issuer", "provision of banking payment services on a regular basis by a person other than a credit institution", of “unauthorized circulation of currency in order to replace legal tender currency” and of “organized gang scam”, specified the public prosecutor.

Banknotes of 1,000 francs with the effigy of the Frankish king Clovis or 200 francs of Joan of Arc, were thus sold at parity with the euro: the free franc, presented as "the currency of resilience and resistance" , was available for order on the site of the same name since September 15.

Electronic transactions had been offered since August 15.


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