China News Service, Guangzhou, November 29th (Cheng Jingwei Linyin) According to news from the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau on the 29th, the list of "Top Ten Most Beautiful Ancient Tree Groups in Guangdong" was officially announced. Zhuhai Tangjiawan Ancient Tree Group, Guangzhou Yongning Ancient Tree Group, Dongguan Qingxi Ancient Tree Group, Zhaoqing Luoyuan Ancient Tree Group, Yangjiang Chunwan Ancient Tree Group, Maoming Genzi Ancient Tree Group, Jiangmen Guanghai Ancient Tree Group, Shenzhen Kuiyong Ancient Tree Group, Qingyuan Scale Old Tree Group, Shaoguan Dongtang 10 ancient tree groups including the ancient tree group are on the list.

  According to reports, this is the first large-scale forest culture promotion activity aimed at ancient tree groups and ancient tree culture in Guangdong Province after the selection of "Guangdong Top Ten Most Beautiful Ancient Trees" and "Guangdong Top Ten Charming Ancient Tree Villages".

  In mid-June this year, the Guangdong Provincial Greening Committee and the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau launched the "Ten Most Beautiful Ancient Tree Groups in Guangdong" selection activity with the theme of "Exploring the Ancient Tree Community and Appreciating the Style of Southern Guangdong".

During the event, a total of 18 cities and 52 counties (cities, districts) in the province recommended 76 ancient tree communities to participate in the evaluation.

The ancient tree communities participating in the evaluation are rich in tree species, covering not only the common banyan trees, camphor trees, litchi, and longan in Guangdong, but also rare and protected tree species such as ginkgo, yew, trellis, and Nannan.

After material review and the first round of expert review, a total of 33 ancient tree species communities were shortlisted for online voting.

Maoming Genzi Ancient Tree Group Photo courtesy of Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau

  During the online voting period, an expert jury composed of university professors, forestry experts, media representatives, etc., simultaneously conducted on-the-spot investigations on the 33 ancient tree groups shortlisted for the primary selection list, and combined the ecological value, protection value, Five dimensions of landscape value, cultural value and social value are scored.

Finally, according to the results of online voting (accounting for 30%) and the second round of evaluation by experts (accounting for 70%), the "Ten Most Beautiful Groups of Ancient Trees in Guangdong" were selected.

  Chen Hongyue, a professor at the School of Forestry and Landscape Architecture of South China Agricultural University, believes that this activity has demonstrated the elegance of ancient trees in Guangdong, and at the same time achieved positive results in promoting forest ecological culture and spreading the concept of ecological civilization.

  Guangdong's ancient tree groups are rich in resources and widely distributed. According to statistics, there are 917 ancient tree groups in the province, with a total of 27,160 ancient trees in the group.

In recent years, the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Bureau has established and improved the graphic archives and electronic information database of ancient and famous trees in accordance with the requirements of "one tree, one file", promoted the dynamic management of ancient and famous trees resources, implemented rescue and rejuvenation and video surveillance protection projects, and built 23 A demonstration site for ancient tree rejuvenation technology, online real-time monitoring of 828 first-class ancient and famous trees in the province.