• The mayor of Ajaccio, Stéphane Sbraggia, filed a complaint after receiving a death threat letter.

  • This typewritten note refers to the city council's unanimous vote disapproving of entering into a very long lease for a fish farming company.

  • This company, although established since 1992 on the Natura 2000 classified site, will have to leave the premises.

An investigation for "death threat against a person holding public authority" was opened following the sending of an anonymous letter to the mayor of Ajaccio, who filed a complaint, said the Ajaccio prosecutor.

The mayor, Stéphane Sbraggia, filed a complaint after receiving an anonymous letter which "referred to the aquaculture farm" Gloria Maris, added the public prosecutor of Ajaccio, Nicolas Septe, confirming information from



Denouncing "an unacceptable act", the mayor confirmed in a press release his complaint and specified that the author of the threats was "referring to the vote, unanimously, of the municipal council" of Ajaccio, meeting on Friday, "disapproving the conclusion of a long-term lease [a very long-term lease, editor's note] for the benefit of the company Gloria Maris within the perimeter of the Grand site de la Parata", classified Natura 2000 and since 2017 "Grand site de France".

On December 31, the company, present since 1992, should therefore lose its Ajaccio site.

Louis Villaret, president of the association of the Network of the great sites of France, had indicated on October 13 during a press conference in Ajaccio that a report of the general inspectors of this national label had issued "an unfavorable opinion" on the presence of the aquaculture farm on the Parata site.

Forty-five jobs at risk

In the typewritten threatening letter, which has no signature but several spelling mistakes, reference is made to "friends" of the author of the missive, "honest hard-working and serious Ajacciens" who "work for years in this aquaculture company in La Parata".

They “will find themselves on the street without the slightest scruple on your part”, continues this letter, directly targeting the mayor.

Accusing the city councilor of wanting to replace this company with "bars and restaurants, or even later a hotel", the letter calls on the mayor to reconsider his decision "before December 31, 2022", otherwise he will be "sentenced to death by a giustizia ajacciana” [Ajaccian justice in the Corsican language, editor’s note].

Created in 1992 in Corsica, Gloria Maris today brings together several companies, including Acquadea, which manages the Parata site and produces 800 tonnes of sea bass, Label Rouge sea bream and Label Rouge lean sea bass each year, according to its website.

While regretting the city council's decision "as unfair as it is unjustified" on the company's lease "which condemns its existence", Glorias Maris "strongly condemns" in a press release the threatening letter which she qualifies "of irrational act" and "overflow" that she "deplores and considers unacceptable".

Pointing to "the public's incomprehension at seeing a company established in La Parata for more than 30 years sacrificed on the pretext that it would hinder the development and extension of tourist activities on the Grand site", the group reaffirms its "position of openness » and his « desire for dialogue » in order to find « a favorable outcome for the continuation » of the activity and « the safeguard » of the 45 jobs.

Gloria Maris employs a total of 200 people and has a turnover of 43 million euros.


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