In China, where large-scale protests against the "zero corona" policy have occurred, the movement to switch classes to online and early winter vacation is spreading, and the government and university authorities are nervous about student protests. It seems.

Many young people, mainly students, participated in large-scale protests against the "zero corona" policy in the capital cities of Beijing and Shanghai, and criticized the Chinese Communist Party, so the government mobilized a large number of police officers. and stifling new protests.

On the other hand, the spread of the new coronavirus in China continued, and a total of about 36,000 new infected people were confirmed on the 29th, of which about 4,500 in Beijing, the highest number ever.

In response to this situation, universities in Beijing, Southern and Guangzhou have switched classes and exams online due to infection control, and have students return home early for winter vacation. It seems that he is nervous not to participate in protest activities.

In addition, the state-run Xinhua News Agency said on the 29th that the "Central Political and Legal Commission", which oversees the police and judicial departments of the Communist Party, said at a meeting, "We will firmly crack down on the subversive activities of hostile forces and illegal criminal acts that disrupt social order. I told you that I confirmed the policy.

The Xi Jinping leadership has reiterated its policy to thoroughly suppress moves that lead to the Communist Party's one-party rule system and criticism of President Xi.