Cruising enthusiast Angelika Hansson in Boda outside Rättvik thinks the Swedish Transport Agency's clarification of the rules for cruising is necessary.

- It is great that you are no longer allowed to sit on the roof of the cars, for example.

And if it's cruising, you're happy if you can even get up to 20 kilometers an hour, I think, she says.

Several are positive

Emelie Larsdotter, who lives in Rättvik, is also positive about the new rules.

- Most of the people I have had contact with and also people in the association in CCW who have consulted, have almost only received a positive response that there will be clarification of rules.

So it's positive, says Emelie Larsdotter.

In the clip: Hear what Emelie and Angelika hope for change with the new rules!