The story of a soccer fan who bet more than 200 million won on Japan's victory in Costa Rica and Japan and lost the whole story has been told.

An Australian betting company recently reported that 'a user bet $180,000 on Japan's victory, about 240 million won with our money' and 'Japan's winning dividend is 1.5 times'.

Prior to the second round of the Group E match between Japan and Costa Rica, there were not a few people predicting Japan's victory.

This is because Japan showed its potential by winning a 2-1 come-from-behind victory against Germany, a soccer powerhouse, and it has never lost a match in Costa Rica.

However, as you know, the results were different.

Japan had 57% of the possession for 90 minutes and attempted a total of 13 shots.

On the other hand, Costa Rica recorded only four shots and only one shot on target, and this single shot on target led to a goal and divided the game.

In the end, the soccer fan who bet 180,000 dollars on 'Japan wins' lost all the money.