The President's Office reaffirmed its position today (30th) that it will firmly respond to strikes by the cargo unions and subways.

In her presidential office briefing this afternoon, Public Relations Chief Kim Eun-hye said, “We try to guarantee the legitimate rights of workers who strike, but it must not be illegal.”

First of all, Chief Kim said about the cargo union strike, "an order is being sent to the transport workers who refused to return to work," and "the government is reviewing various options under the direction of President Yoon Seok-yeol."

Regarding the subway strike, "Seoul Transportation Corporation's union went on strike from today, but a cold wave warning was issued across the country today. On December 2, the National Railroad Workers' Union is scheduled to go on strike." It is with a heavy heart that considerable inconvenience is expected.”

At the same time, she repeatedly emphasized the position that there is no compromise that goes against the law and principles, saying, "The government is in the process of establishing the rule of law between labor and management."