An Arab youth adorned with the flag of Palestine turned into a hero the Brazilian national team coach was looking for, and the story of the young man - which showed the extent of his magnanimity - occurred on his way between Lusail Stadium and the metro station, after the end of a Brazil match against Serbia.

While this young man was walking on his way to the subway, he saw two women carrying two children on their way to the subway, so he offered them help, and carried one of the two children on his shoulders for a distance that was not short.

This young man did not know that the child he was carrying was named "Luca" and he was 5 years old, and he was the eldest son of Matthew Bacchi, the son of Brazil coach Adenor Leonardo Bacci, known as "Tite".

The Brazilian coach's family told him what happened with them, and told him about the nobility of the Arab youth. Titi was affected by this situation, and he took advantage of the press conference he held to talk about his impact on the generosity of this young man's morals, and announced that he was looking for him to return the favor to him, and thanked him for their help in carrying the child.

Tite said in the press conference, "Sport offers us many beautiful things, especially for the youth group, and my family was returning from watching the Brazil match against Serbia, and the road between the stadium and the metro was long, and I have two grandchildren and their mother and grandmother were carrying them, and an Arab man came and asked them," Will you allow me With your help?” He carried my grandson and walked with them for a long time, I don't know how long, but he used to put him on his shoulder the whole time. I want to get to know this guy because what he did shows the sense of solidarity that we learn from football.”

Today's episode - Tuesday - of the "Networks" program monitored the Arab reactions to the young man's behavior.

Khaled Judeh confirmed that the Palestinian cause is the biggest beneficiary of the World Cup, and said, "The one who benefited most from the World Cup is the Palestinian cause. This is one of the fruits of the World Cup in the Arab world. Greetings to the man who reflected our Arab morals and values ​​to the world."

While "Mr. Mustafa" confirmed that the behavior of the young man reflects the Arab upbringing, without knowing who the person is providing him with assistance, he wrote, "The young man offered help, like raising any Arab young man, when he saw an old woman in need of help, but the young man did not know that the boy he was with was him." Grandson of Brazil coach Tite.

And an account calling itself the leader indicated that the Arabs give themselves to help people, and he said, "All Arabs give themselves to help people, not only this authentic."

On the other hand, Mohammed bin Ibrahim expressed his surprise at the presence of the Brazilian coach's family among the fans.

It should be noted that Tite is 60 years old, has been coaching his country since 2016, helped Brazil qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and led the Brazilian national team in 70 matches, winning 51 of them, and losing only 5 times, but he previously stated that The Qatar World Cup will be his last career as coach of the Brazilian national team.