Revoked for drug trafficking, the former police officer converted to catering appeared again in court.

According to the prosecution, for “serious facts”.

And potentially dramatic.

This 40-year-old has just been sentenced to thirteen months in prison by the Grasse court (Alpes-Maritimes) for refusing to comply while transporting his two children on his scooter while driving drunk and under the effect cocaine,


reports .

The facts date back to October 6.

Coming to pick up his 8-year-old twins on leaving school that afternoon, he arouses the suspicions of the headmistress of the establishment.

His speech signs a trance.

According to the regional daily, she advises him not to take the road and finally notes with horror that the father of the children installs them against him, on the saddle of the two-wheeler.

The municipal police chase him, asking him to stop, in vain, to his home in Peymeinade, near Grasse.

The man was already under the influence of a previous conviction for driving under the influence of an alcoholic state, with eight months of electronic bracelet.

He received this time, in addition, a ban on passing his license for six months, driving for a year and his scooter was confiscated.


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