He had always said that he had no intention of completing his second term, which began in 2021. Georges Méric announced on Tuesday, first to the elected officials of his majority, his resignation from the presidency of the council. departmental of Haute-Garonne

The socialist, who will be 75 in December, will formalize his decision in the departmental hemicycle at the start of the afternoon.

First elected to the presidency in 2015, the adviser to Escalquens will no longer sit.

“He has no health problem.

He now wants to devote himself to his family, ”says those around him.

Sébastien Vincini is acting

In the immediate future, Georges Méric, a former geriatrician, will be replaced by the first vice-president of the departmental council, Sébastien Vincini, in charge of finance and number three of the PS at the national level.

Then, during the week, there should be an internal vote at the local PS, before the election of the new president on December 13.

In the 2021 elections, the PS and its allies had retained their majority in the departmental assembly, with 23 of the 27 cantons, and Georges Méric had been re-elected with 65% of the votes in that of Escalquens.


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