A recent cable theft in Plounéour-Ménez (Finistère) deprived 27 households of internet and landline telephones.

A restaurant in the town which has also been impacted can no longer take telephone reservations and sees its activity threatened, reports


on Monday.

More credit card payments

The sector was already facing poor network coverage before this incident.

From now on, in addition to the telephone breakdown, the managers of the establishment can no longer take credit card payments.

According to them, an Orange technician came but couldn't do anything to solve the problem.

Since then, the number of customers has dropped sharply.

"Customers call well, to try to book, but I can't hear the ringtone, receive messages, or change my voicemail, it's very frustrating," lamented the restaurant manager.

Contacted, the operator indicated that he was not yet able to set a repair date.

The latter, however, proposed alternative solutions such as providing mobile phones or adding mobile data to the packages.

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