It is noted that the Bundestag has to save energy due to a lack of gas, so the temperature in offices and meeting rooms is maintained at 19 ° C, and the corridors and foyers are not heated.

“I sat in my office in a down jacket and constantly walked back and forth ... This is a farce!

Obviously, the administration is not in control of the situation,” MP Renate Künast said.

In September, Der Spiegel wrote that a recession and a “five-act tragedy” await the German economy against the backdrop of the energy crisis - the first enterprises stop working, consumption falls.

In addition, the publication noted that the inhabitants of Germany will face a massive and sharp increase in electricity prices with the advent of 2023. 

Oleg Tyapkin, director of the third European department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that Germany's complete refusal to import Russian gas within two years would lead to an economic crisis in Germany.