At Lexus, we do not budge: some 90% of Lexus sold in Europe are electrified.

The luxury brand of the Toyota group has taken this option for more than 15 years already and the evolution of the market has proven that this vision was the right one.

Pure hybridization, in other words with a self-recharging system, remains the group's hobbyhorse.

It is no different for this UX.

Certainly, there is a UX 200 2 liter petrol.

You can also opt for the fully electric UX 300e, whose range has been increased by almost 40% (450 km).

But it is nevertheless the UX 250h, self-recharging hybrid gasoline (there is no plug-in) which will constitute the heart of the market for this model.

A completely new multimedia system

Let's say it straight away, at the aesthetic level, little has changed.

The UX retains its characteristic "cut with a knife" aspect.

We now note the two-tone bodywork, with black roof, as well as an F-Sport Design version, with a slightly more muscular presentation (shields, 18-inch rims) and, above all, equipped with an adaptive suspension which makes the car even more comfortable.

As it should be at Lexus, the interior finish is neat and the equipment very complete with, in particular, a very efficient latest-generation (and standard!) Lexus Safety System Plus.

The central screen has grown significantly (12 inches on higher versions), is closer to the driver, and is now touch sensitive.

The central pad that was next to the box control has been purely and simply removed.

 A proven hybrid system

Mechanical issue, no complaints.

The Japanese group's hybrid system is extremely efficient and very “gentle” in daily driving.

The UX is smooth-riding at best.

It is also when he is most sober.

Forget the muscular ride that isn't the house genre.

During our exclusively city test in Berlin, it was perfectly in its element: sober, friendly and comfortable.

A Lexus, what! 


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