Twitter is like watching TV, only better.

Twitter feeds itself from television, except that the raw material here is not just the good German programs.

You can turn on Twitter like you used to turn on the television, for those moments when you're too distracted to read or don't feel like listening to music.

Except that you learn more about the world and people on Twitter – if you really want to.

It's wrong, despicable and stupid what Elon Musk, the new owner, is doing at Twitter these days - and the platform may be about to go under.

It just has little impact on what you can experience and experience there as a normal user at the moment - and there are increasing signs that some who have loudly announced their departure from Twitter and their move to the Mastodon platform, why if you called him or her, what a pity, it was so interesting not to agree with you - that some then decided to stay: if only because the number of users and the internationality are something that you can't miss would like.

You don't have to follow the bullies and trolls;

but you should be open enough to let at least a thousand accounts into your timeline - and then it just happens, for example, that you see the first videos of rebelling Chinese two days before the TV news reports it too.

Of course, the authenticity is never guaranteed, but it isn't even when the "Tagesschau" shows the videos;

only that there is almost always someone on Twitter who can also classify, supplement and, if necessary, deny the message of such clips in the comments.

Without Twitter, American journalist Julia Davis might only have been heard from afar.

Now she regularly posts her "Russian Media Monitor", where she shows excerpts from Russian talk shows and subtitles: It's often bizarre,

These are contributions for which non-experts usually lack the criteria for evaluating them.

But that's what the comments are for.

And in the end, it's still better to know about it than not to know about it.

Alas, one can only hope that Musk soon loses interest in this toy and leaves it to its own devices, the pros, and serious advertisers.

In these times it is the best and fastest news channel.

Which is why you find out about all the interesting World Cup goals there immediately.