During the church meeting of the Church of Sweden earlier this week, two LGBTQ motions were voted down.

One was about not being allowed to become a priest if you don't agree to marry same-sex couples and the other that someone who is already a priest shouldn't be allowed to refuse to do so.

Emma Hedlundh, a priest in Uppsala Diocese and a member of the church meeting who herself lives in a same-sex relationship, voted no to the motions and says that there must be a place in the church even for those who do not want to marry same-sex couples.

- It is not the church meeting as an elected body that has the disposal of those questions, it is the bishops, she says to the radio.

She further says that the intention and desire is that all who are ordained as priests should want to marry same-sex couples.

- That conversation must be allowed to take its time, but they (the bishops) do not believe, and I do not believe, that the way there is to introduce a ban.

Since 2009, same-sex couples have been allowed to marry in the Swedish church.