Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann and Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (both FDP) have again criticized climate activists after the blockade of the capital's BER airport.

"Anyone who violently cuts through a fence, enters an airfield and obstructs air traffic there is liable to prosecution in several respects," Buschmann told the "Bild am Sonntag".

"Violence as a means of political disputes has no place in a democracy."

After the airport was paralyzed, the activists were "bold" to threaten new protests with more clout, Wissing told the newspaper.

He again warned that the incident on Thursday should be dealt with.

"It needs to be carefully investigated how the activists got into the security area."

Scholz describes the action as "highly dangerous"

Activists from the "Last Generation" group gained access to the capital's BER airport on Thursday and temporarily paralyzed air traffic.

Some got stuck on the tarmac.

The Brandenburg State Criminal Police Office is investigating six activists for dangerous interference in air traffic, disruption of public services, trespassing and property damage, among other things.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed a lack of understanding for actions like those at BER Airport on Saturday and described them as "highly dangerous".

He advised those involved to consider a different approach than one that met with little acceptance.

According to CDU leader Merz, the actions have nothing to do with the right to demonstrate or freedom of expression.

"These are the most serious crimes that discredit the goal for which they are supposedly going to the airport," he said at a party conference of the Berlin CDU.

The group, which has recently repeatedly blocked roads, is achieving the opposite of what it actually claims to want to achieve.

Scholz said: "I also didn't understand what good it does for the climate if you smear works of art.

In this respect, those involved should consider other activities than those that are accepted by almost nobody in Germany.”