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  • Fifteen civilians died Friday in a Russian bombardment on Kherson, in southern Ukraine, two weeks after the forced withdrawal of Russian troops from this strategic city.

  • Russia's strategy of targeting critical infrastructure as Ukraine plunges into winter temperatures is a "war crime" for Ukraine's Western allies and labeled a "crime against humanity" by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

  • The Moscow strikes have caused power outages in Ukraine and millions of homes are in the dark across the country.




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War in Ukraine: Kherson still shelled and soldiers victims of "trench foot"

9:17 am: Millions of homes without power

More than six million Ukrainian homes were affected by power cuts on Friday, two days after massive Russian strikes against the country, according to Volodymyr Zelensky.

"Tonight, cuts continue in most regions and in kyiv," added the head of state in his daily address.

On Friday evening, the electricity network had lost "30%" of its capacity, the operator Ukrenergo said on Telegram, while this lack was "15-20%" on Wednesday morning.

“We expect to go through the weekend with a deficit of around 25%.

This figure is already close to that before the last attack, but still a bit too high.

Therefore, the timetables for the restrictions will be maintained, ”clarified the operator.

09:08: Fifteen civilians killed in Kherson in a bombardment

Fifteen civilians were killed Friday in a Russian bombardment on the city of Kherson, in southern Ukraine, said an official in the city, from where troops from Moscow withdrew recently.

"Today, 15 residents of the city were killed and 35 injured, including a child", following the Russian strikes, said Galyna Lugova, head of the city's military administration, on social networks.

She said several "private homes and high-rise buildings" were damaged in the strikes.

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