China News Service, November 26. According to a report by RIA Novosti on the 25th local time, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova stated that Ukrainian President Zelensky has entered "his own track" and began to blackmail the West.

  Zakharova believes that the West is very clear that Zelensky is no longer under full control. "They (the West) control him (Zelensky) in an already advantageous way, but Zelensky has entered an uncontrollable situation. track."

  Zakharova said, "This often happens with cronies actively cultivated by the West. Over time, they will start to put forward their own conditions." She said that in the face of difficulties encountered by the West, Ukraine is still demanding More aid, astronomical sums of money and weapons.

Data map: The military aid provided by the United States to Ukraine.

  Since the situation in Russia and Ukraine deteriorated this year, Ukraine has been asking Western countries to provide assistance such as weapons and equipment.

  Since the beginning of winter, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly stated that many parts of Ukraine are in a state of power outages, and has asked the West to provide "Patriot" air defense missiles.

The Russian Foreign Ministry criticized that the West's move to launch a new round of aid to Ukraine is to intensify the conflict.

  The U.S. Department of Defense once counted in mid-November that since Biden took office as U.S. president, the U.S. has pledged nearly $20 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

  Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on the 16th that the United States will continue to support Ukraine with as much as possible and with the best available equipment.

Ukrainians, he said, don't ask anyone to fight for them, all they need are "methods" to fight, and the West is determined to provide those "methods."

Ukraine will act according to its own timetable, and the West "will continue to support it as long as (Ukraine) needs it."

  However, CNN, citing U.S. sources, pointed out that after nine months of supply to Ukraine, inventories of some weapons systems were reduced.

There is only a certain amount of stockpiles left in the US to supply Kyiv.

The sources also expressed concern about the U.S. ramping up production of weapons systems.

  The EU has also launched eight rounds of sanctions against Russia, and is working on a ninth round of sanctions "at the fastest speed".

According to news from the official website of the European Commission on the 25th, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said after a phone call with Zelensky that he will continue to fully support Ukraine and strengthen EU aid to Ukraine.