Saturday's mass in the cathedral in Linköping – Martin Modéu's last – ended with the bishop's staff of the diocese being placed on the altar in the middle of the church.

Several people were gathered to join in saying goodbye.

The focus of today's fair ended up being leaving, says Martin Modeus.  

- But it is good.

It is rituals like this that are strong and express what we feel, we humans need that.

Coming further from the parish

The new assignment as archbishop means changes.

The biggest difference between being a bishop and being an archbishop is the proximity to the congregation, Martin Modeus thinks.  

- There is representation in the national space and it is not in the episcopal mission here.

So, in a way, it will be a little longer for ordinary parish work.

But it is so close to my heart, so I will work to maintain it in any case.  

Is the Swedish church doing enough to create peace in the world and in Europe?  

- In a world that looks like this, no one can be satisfied and then everyone gets to find what is their opportunity.

We work with refugee reception, with collection and presence in various areas where there are problems.