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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took a commemorative photo and encouraged the officials who participated in the launch of the ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) 'Hwasong-17' on the 18th.

Today (27th), the Korean Central News Agency reported, "Respected comrade Kim Jong-un took a commemorative photo with members who contributed to the successful test-launch of the new intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasongpo-17."

Chairman Kim Jong-un told the attendees, "Our Hwasongpo-17 model, which was born upheld by the people's unconditional support and encouragement, is clearly a gigantic creation that our people embraced with their own strength, a great substance of strategic power, and a Hwasongpo of the Korean people both in name and reality. "We must never be complacent about the achievements we have made, and we must consolidate our superpower, which we firmly hold in our hands, into something more absolute and more irreversible, and continue to accelerate towards the infinity of strengthening national defense without limits." said.

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According to the Chosun Central News Agency, the second daughter of Chairman Kim, who was also with the ICBM launch site on the 18th, accompanied this commemorative photo.

The news agency said, "The respected General Secretary came to the filming set with his noble son."

(Photo = Chosun Central News Agency, Yonhap News)