“The ongoing research in the United States to enhance the pathogenic properties of microorganisms is forcing us to rethink the statements of US administration officials in charge of countering biological threats.

One of them is John Bolton, who served as national security adviser,” he said at a briefing.

Kirillov drew attention to the September 2000 report "Rebuilding America's Defense" co-authored by Bolton.

“The document notes, quote: “... that in order to achieve a position of world leadership, the United States needs to maintain the superiority of its armed forces, while one of the ways to modernize is the creation of biological weapons,” the military leader said.

Bolton's quote also states that advanced forms of biological weapons capable of targeting certain genotypes "could change the role of this type of weapon - instead of a deterrent, it will become a beneficial use in politics."

At the same time, an American official headed the US delegation at the Fifth BTWC Review Conference in 2001, and as a result of consultations, the American side blocked work on the verification mechanism and abandoned the proposed processes for checking probable biological weapons storage sites.

Washington then referred to the fact that this threatened their national interests, Kirillov noted.