Bondi Beach became, at dawn, a nudist beach when the 2,500 volunteers of all ages and in the simplest device posed for the American photographer Spencer Tunick, who gave them his instructions by loudspeaker from a raised platform.

This event called "Strip Off for Skin Cancer" ("Strip off for skin cancer") was organized in collaboration with an association encouraging Australians to be regularly examined by a dermatologist.

The number of participants roughly equals the number of Australians who die each year from skin cancer.

"I spent half my life in the sun and had two malignant melanomas removed from my back," one of the volunteers, Bruce Fasher, 77, told AFP.

People pose naked on Bondi Beach for American photographer Spencer Tunick on November 26, 2022 in Sydney, Australia Saeed KHAN AFP

"I thought it was a good cause, and I like to take my clothes off at Bondi Beach," he added.

Spencer Tunick is known for his massive stripteases staged at very famous venues around the world.

He notably undressed more than 5,000 people in front of the Sydney Opera House in 2010, and 18,000 people - his record - on the Zocalo in Mexico City in 2007.

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