4 female students devise a mechanism to benefit from factory smoke in agriculture

(From left) Principal Sharifa Hizam, Eman Saleh, Fatima Abdullah, and teacher Sonia Sami.

Emirates today

Four female citizen students invented a mechanism to recycle factory smoke and use it to grow plants, “to reduce air pollution and reduce global warming,” in addition to cultivating large areas of plants inside agricultural houses.

The students: Fatima Abdullah, Rawda Murad, Iman Saleh, and Latifa Hamad, are studying in the twelfth grade, an advanced track, at Sukaina Bint Al Hussein School for Secondary Education in Dubai.

The innovation is based on “extracting harmful carbon dioxide from smoke and transferring it to plants to complete the photosynthesis process, which is the basis for plant growth.”

The process is carried out by connecting a set of pipes to the smoke exits in the factories, and strengthening them with a set of purifying filters, and connecting them from the other end to the greenhouses, which contain the plants, where the polluted smoke is directed to the filter, and filtered with the presence of anhydrous copper sulfate, which withdraws water vapor. It produces carbon dioxide, so that plants that grow in a suitable environment can benefit from it. They can produce agricultural crops of all kinds and varieties.

The idea achieves three basic objectives: purifying the air by reducing the pollution rate resulting from factory smoke, and reducing global warming, in addition to benefiting from factory smoke, which is produced in large quantities, in rebuilding the life cycle.

Teachers Sonia Sami and Moza Al Shamsi, who specialize in physics and biology, supervised the project, which was presented at the Student Projects Exhibition of the Ministry of Education.

For her part, the school principal, Sharifa Hizam, said that the school administration worked to develop a methodology to enhance the innovation and creativity skills of its students, and to provide all the capabilities that creative students need to produce qualitative projects and innovations that serve society and people in the first place.

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