China News Service, November 25th, a comprehensive report. On November 7th, Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild, a descendant of an ancient European family, a banker, and a philanthropist, died at his home in London, England, at the age of 91. age.

The Rothschild Family Archives released the news of his death a few days ago.

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The fifth generation head of

an ancient family

  In August 1931, Evelyn Rothschild was born in London with a "golden spoon".

  He spent part of his childhood with his family in the United States during World War II, returning to England in 1943.

After returning to China, he successively received education at Harrow School in London and Trinity College, Cambridge University.

  Evelyn Rothschild once said that she never wanted to be a banker.

He has always loved driving, horseback riding, polo and traveling the world.

Until his father Antoine de Rothschild fell ill, he had to take over the bank and has since become the fifth generation head of the family banking industry.

  Evelyn Rothschild was also chairman of The Economist (1972-1989), chairman of the British Business Banking and Securities Association (1985-1989), and financial advisor to the late Queen Elizabeth II Wait.

He was knighted by the Queen in 1989 for his services to finance and banking.

  Evelyn Rothschild was also a friend of Mrs Thatcher, according to Bloomberg.

Evelyn Rothschild helped implement her signature privatization policy during Thatcher's administration from 1979 to 1990.

Image source: Screenshot of the website of the Rothschild Family Archives

He swore to "never retire"

  Evelyn Rothschild was married three times.

According to BBC reports, his third American wife, Lynn de Rothschild, is said to be Hillary's best friend, and the couple even spent their wedding night in the White House.

  In 2003, after Evelyn Rothschild withdrew from the family business, he opened a mom-and-pop store with his wife and founded EL Rothschild.

The couple invests all over the world.

  In an interview with the BBC, Evelyn Rothschild once said that his own life is actually "simple and regular".

  Wake up, have a light breakfast, check email, and head to a meeting.

If someone invites to dinner, he eats out.

Go to bed at 11pm.

He usually likes to watch horse races, rugby, tennis and football, and eats chocolate the most, so he also opened a chocolate shop near his home.

  When a BBC reporter asked Evelyn Rothschild when he would retire, he once replied: "Retire? Never."