During the autumn, IVO carried out inspections at Mälar Hospital on two occasions with a particular focus on care places and staffing.

In its investigation, the inspectorate interviewed doctors, nurses and the hospital management, as well as took stock of statistics and reported deviations.

Many have to wait

IVO notes that Mälar Hospital does not have enough care places for specialist care and that this leads to the risk of serious care injuries for patients who are forced to wait to receive the right care.

According to IVO, patients do not always have their needs met.

According to the report, the lack of care places is due to a lack of sufficient staffing.

Problems arise above all in the emergency care department, where patients can be forced to wait for hours before they can be transferred to the right care department.

This in turn leads to other patients also having to wait.

In the report, IVO describes an occasion in May of this year where 60 patients came to the emergency room but there was not a single available care place at the hospital.

Requires action plan

Finally, IVO assesses that the hospital management does not plan, lead and control the operations so that the requirement for good care is maintained.

Now IVO demands that Region Sörmland present an action plan before January 23.