Gauthier Delomez 8:00 p.m., November 24, 2022

One month away from Christmas, chocolate Advent calendars have invaded our supermarket shelves.

But did you know that there are more original calendars, to offer yourself or someone you know?

Columnist Philippine Darblay takes an overview in "Bienfait pour vous".

They have invaded our supermarket shelves: Advent calendars are back, to the delight of young and old.

If you haven't made your choice yet, know that there are more original calendars to offer you this year, or to offer to someone you know.

In the program

Bienfait pour vous

, lifestyle columnist Philippine Darblay lists products that allow you to get out of traditional chocolate calendars, a few days from December 1st.

Calendars dedicated to beauty

The columnist highlights calendars focused on beauty.

"I really like the one from Aroma-Zone, where you can learn how to do your own skincare. You can find everything you need: ingredients, recipes for making your hair mask, lip balm, etc”, she explains at the microphone of Julia Vignali and Mélanie Gomez.

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The columnist then discusses the creative Advent calendar of the Natures & Découvertes brand.

"There, it's to start making jewelry, badges, stationery...", explains Philippine Darblay.

Erotic copies

For a more targeted audience, there are also erotic calendars, which are becoming more and more popular every year.

“Every day, we open a little box to have fun,” argues the lifestyle columnist, who spoke with Amina Jenayah, editor of Sinful, a Danish company that is the leading seller of erotic objects in Scandinavia.

"We have so many people who have said that after trying an Advent calendar, it replaced a therapist," she said at the microphone of Europe 1.

"Sex toys provide a tool that can rekindle curiosity, and remind that there are so many things to discover in a couple and with yourself that you may not have known", adds the editor of Sinful.

The lifestyle columnist first mentions two "very beautiful and huge calendars, which are more for beginners".

"There are two more for insiders, and the real advantage of this brand is to offer 'solo' calendars. There is one dedicated to men, another dedicated to women, and it can be 'use in same-sex couples', underlines Philippine Darblay, who has started to open a copy offered for women.

"This one has 12 boxes, and it is offered at 79 euros. There are accessories that tickle, that roll up, and things that are a little more advanced, that vibrate and stimulate", she says, without revealing precisely these objects to discover.

Calendars... after

Finally, to get off the beaten track, the columnist of

Bienfait pour vous

evokes calendars after, "between Christmas and New Year's Day".

"The idea is to make yourself beautiful or beautiful," she says first, taking the example of a Sephora product.

"The Advent calendar, December 24 by definition, all the boxes are empty so we can't offer it. The after calendar, we can slip it under the tree and offer it to someone who will be able to prolong the magic of Christmas", promises Juliette Caloin, director of the European offer.


- The origins of the Advent calendar

"There are a total of two gifts a day, and these are always iconic makeup products that will allow you to prepare for New Year's Eve with a festive look," she continues.

The brand offers two varieties of calendar, one dedicated to its products and a second which contains several other brands.

Enough to allow everyone to find their account, and to renew or even shake up tradition.