(Fighting against New Crown Pneumonia) The number of new crown infections in mainland China exceeds 30,000, and the epidemic situation in Beijing is on the rise

  China News Agency, Beijing, November 24th. Comprehensive news: China's National Health Commission notified on the 24th that on the 23rd, there were 4,010 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in mainland China, of which 83 were imported from abroad and 3,927 were local.

There were 27,646 new cases of asymptomatic infection, including 129 imported cases and 27,517 local cases.

One new local death case was added in Beijing.

  As of 24:00 on the 23rd, there were 26,813 confirmed cases in mainland China, and 263,010 asymptomatic infections still under medical observation.

A total of 5,232 deaths have been reported, and a total of 297,516 confirmed cases have been reported.

  Mainland China's daily increase of local infections exceeds 30,000 Experts: The next half month will be a high-level platform period

  On the 23rd, 3,927 new local cases were confirmed in mainland China, coming from 29 provinces.

Among them, 1,791 were in Guangdong, 509 in Beijing, 409 in Chongqing, 247 in Shanxi, 194 in Sichuan, 159 in Henan, 98 in Heilongjiang, 87 in Inner Mongolia, 64 in Hebei, 52 in Shandong, and 40 in each of the other 19 provinces. The following additions.

  There were 27,517 new local asymptomatic infections that day, involving 31 provinces for 9 consecutive days.

Among them, more than 500 new cases were added in 13 provinces: 7,505 in Guangdong, 7,437 in Chongqing, 1,139 in Beijing, 1,091 in Sichuan, 943 in Xinjiang, 882 in Hebei, 860 in Gansu, 778 in Shanxi, 758 in Shaanxi, and 747 in Shandong. , 696 cases in Qinghai, 561 cases in Inner Mongolia, 536 cases in Henan, and more than 100 new cases in 12 provinces.

  According to official data, on the 23rd, there were 31,444 new local infections in mainland China (confirmed + asymptomatic cases, including asymptomatic cases transferred to confirmed cases).

Relevant experts said that judging from the current epidemic situation in mainland China, starting from November 10 to around the 10th of next month, there will be a period of high epidemic situation.

  Beijing has seen an increase of more than 1,400 cases of the epidemic for 3 consecutive days

  On the 23rd, Beijing added 509 local confirmed cases (including 37 asymptomatic cases converted to confirmed cases), and 1,139 asymptomatic infections. The daily increase of local infections exceeded 1,400 for 3 consecutive days.

Among the above-mentioned infected persons, 328 cases were screened out in the society.

From 00:00 to 15:00 on the 24th, 863 new cases of local infection were added in Beijing, of which 159 cases were screened out by the society.

  Beijing notified on the 24th that at present, the number of new cases in the city continues to grow at a high level, the epidemic is on the rise, and the spread is widespread. The prevention and control work is in a critical period.

Areas with high incidence of epidemics and neighborhoods and townships should further reduce social activities and reduce cross-regional movement; areas with sporadic epidemics should encourage residents not to leave the area unless necessary.

  According to reports, Beijing's recent social screening activities have involved colleges and universities, construction sites, supermarkets, "seven small stores" and other crowded places. Prevention and control measures must be strictly implemented and access management must be strengthened.

  Beijing officials stated that Beijing will further strengthen the guarantee of the operation of commercial supermarkets related to people's livelihood, strictly control the epidemic-related disposal of shopping malls and supermarkets related to people's livelihood in the city, and achieve fast closure and quick release. In principle, they will reopen after one day of closure, at most No more than three days.

  The daily increase in the number of infections in Guangzhou has dropped for two consecutive days, crack down on illegal and criminal acts that hinder epidemic prevention and control

  On the 23rd, Guangdong Province added 549 local confirmed cases (another 1,242 asymptomatic cases were transferred to confirmed cases), and 7,505 asymptomatic infections. The cumulative number of local infections reported in this round of the epidemic has exceeded 100,000.

  There were 428 new local confirmed cases and 7192 asymptomatic cases in Guangzhou that day, and the number of local infections has decreased for two consecutive days.

The Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission reported on the 24th that among the 7,620 new local infections in the city on the 23rd, 50 cases were found in the society.

Haizhu District has seen an increase of 7,243 cases per day, and the number of new infections within 72 hours of the controlled population has decreased month-on-month, but the risk of epidemics in individual areas has increased.

  According to reports, recently, in some controlled areas in Guangzhou, some people moved the fenced water horses and went out without authorization.

Some people strayed randomly, and some even gathered to punch cards and walked out of the control area, suspected of violating national laws and regulations on epidemic prevention and control.

These irrational behaviors increase the risk of cross-infection and virus spread.

  The Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau stated that the public security organs will continue to crack down on illegal and criminal acts that hinder the prevention and control of the epidemic, such as violent resistance to epidemic prevention and control measures, rumors and rumors.

From October 23 to the present, Guangzhou public security organs have investigated and dealt with 148 cases of illegal and criminal cases related to the epidemic.

  The number of daily infections in Chongqing continues to rise, and Chengdu strengthens the control of people coming and going

  On the 23rd, Chongqing added 409 local confirmed cases and 7,437 asymptomatic infections. The daily increase of local infections exceeded 6,000 for 4 consecutive days, and continued to rise.

Chongqing officials said that the number of people infected in the city is still relatively high, the epidemic is still developing, and the situation is still severe and complicated.

  On the 23rd, Sichuan Province added 194 local confirmed cases and 1,091 asymptomatic infections, and the daily increase of local infections exceeded 1,000 cases for 3 consecutive days.

On that day, Chengdu added 146 local confirmed cases and 391 asymptomatic cases, including 28 infected cases who came (returned) to Chengdu from other provinces, and 509 cases who came (returned) to Chengdu from other cities in this province and local infections.

  According to reports from Chengdu City, the epidemic situation in the city has shown a continuous upward trend recently, and there are new spillover cases from other places every day, and the epidemic situation is severe.

In order to strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic and imports from other places, starting from the 24th, Chengdu has strengthened the control of people coming and going.

  According to reports, personnel coming (returning) to Chengdu from high-risk areas and other key areas will follow the latest epidemic prevention and control policies announced daily.

Those who come and go from other areas must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, and strictly implement three tests in 3 days (every interval of 24 hours and above).

After the first negative nucleic acid test certificate is issued, you can move in an orderly manner, but you are not allowed to participate in gathering activities, and you are not allowed to go to key public places with closed spaces and dense crowds.