For the tragedy of Rigopiano, the Prosecutor of Pescara has asked for the sentence of the former prefect of Pescara to 12 years, for the former president of the Province Antonio Di Marco to 6 years and 11 years and 4 months for the mayor of Farindola, Ilario Lacchetta .

Sentence to 11 years and 4 months also requested for the municipal technician Enrico Colangeli, 10 years for the leaders of the Province Paolo D'Incecco and Mauro Di Blasio, 9 years for the leaders of the Prefecture Ida De Cesaris and 8 years for Leonardo Bianco .

After yesterday's hearing, prosecutor Andrea Papalia lingered on the question concerning the role of the Abruzzo Region and the Prefecture of Pescara in the dramatic story.

In the afternoon, the intervention of the Public Prosecutor Giuseppe Bellelli is expected, who will focus on the alleged misdirections of the Prefecture.

Tomorrow will be the turn of the civil parties.

The relatives of the 29 victims of the tragedy that occurred on January 18, 2017 were present this morning in courtroom 1 of the Palace of Justice. 

During his speech, Papalia condemned the delays in the opening of the Operations Room and the Rescue Coordination Center (CCS).

"From the documentary acquisitions made as part of the investigations immediately launched immediately after the tragedy, we have traced

two prefectural notes

, sent following the weather alert, in which the activation was represented by the Prefecture, starting from the morning of 16 January, at 9, of the provincial Civil Protection Operations Room and of the Rescue Coordination Center".

“In the note of 17 January, signed by Prefect Provolo, the opening of the Operations Room and Coordination Center is confirmed.

The investigations and investigative results - the prosecutor also said - have clearly demonstrated

the falsity of the circumstances represented in these notes, which were evidently aimed at attributing to the Prefecture an apparent timeliness and ability to intervene in an emergency


“In reality, the Rescue Coordination Center and the Operations Room had been opened on 16 January 2017 only on paper, because the actual settlement will take place on 18 January in the morning.

The note was therefore instrumental”, concludes Papalia.

According to the prosecutor, a timely activation of the Operations Room and the Rescue Coordination Center would have led to the performance of various activities in order to avoid the tragedy