Putin follows up on a fake letter from the German chancellor using "deep fake" technology

Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrated the capabilities of artificial intelligence in his country by following a fake letter by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Today, Thursday, the Russian state news agency RIAA published a short video clip that showed Putin watching the alleged appearance of the German chancellor.

Using a technique dubbed "deepfakes", Russian programmers made the German chancellor speak in video words critical of America taken from the sequel to the beloved Russian action movie "Brother 2".

In the fake letter, Scholz said: "We wanted to give up Russian gas. To say this in classic Russian words: We wanted the best, but it was the same as always." This aphorism is indicated by former Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin (1938-2010). .

Putin commented on Schulz's fake video, saying: "He says the right things," noting that the speech was deep in content and deep in meaning.

It is noteworthy that Germany has been trying, since the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine nine months ago, to break free from dependence on Russian gas.