The French magazine "L'Obs" warned in an investigation of the many dangers of the spread of populist television programmes, especially those programs broadcast by channels controlled by billionaires who have controversial economic projects, especially in Africa.

The investigation spoke in particular about the media program, Cyril Hanouna, which is broadcast by the private “C8” channel, owned by the famous billionaire, Vinson Pouyori.

The “TPMP” program made the event during the past few days by hosting the representative of the “Professional France” party, Louis Pouillard, where Hanouneh, the presenter of the program and the star of the channel, poured out;

By cursing and cursing with obscene words at Representative Louis, as soon as he criticized the billionaire owner of the channel, Boyori, and talked about accusations against him against the background of his suspicious projects in African countries.


The magazine confirmed that the Media Monitoring and Dispute Resolution Authority (ARCOM) issued a warning to the "C8" channel, which broadcasts the Hanouneh program, against the background of the episode in which it attacked MP Boyar.

"Lopes" quoted economist Julia Maguy as saying that she sees in Arcom's decision a return to awareness of the danger of "excessive tolerance" with program presenters who feel that they are "always the strongest", including Hannouna, who was convicted several times by the Media Monitoring Authority for daring to Breaking the laws more than once without much fear of penalties.

The investigation extracted exciting details about the "TBMB" program and its presenter, Hanuna, and said that it relies on a media policy that relies on riding on "trend" topics, and discusses it with the staff of journalists who participate in presenting the program's paragraphs, and also adopts a discussion of all topics, and hosts the personalities who make the event. .


A policy that has proven successful, as TPMP has become one of the most followed programs by various French groups, which Hanoune describes as "the groups that turn their backs on the ballot box."

According to "Lopes", the sociologist Philip Reutor believes that the comparison between the Hanouna program, in which all standards are exceeded, and similar famous programs - such as Laurent Riquier or Thierry Ardison - is not permissible at all, because Laurent and Thierry have always been keen to control the program's paragraphs and what is said in it. Unlike Hanouna, who "intentionally presents trivial episodes, in which politics and general lines are not respected ... he is the voice of complete populism."

On the other hand, Hanouna says that his program provides a wide space of freedom for the guests, without censorship, and that is why it is very popular not only among ordinary people, but also among senior officials, as he put it.

"Lopes" adds that an opinion poll conducted in 2021 for the benefit of the French magazine "Le Point" revealed that 19% of French people follow the Hanouneh program at least once a week, and the "loyal" viewers belong to the category of young people, workers, employees, and merchants. and housewives.

"surface" populism

The magazine quoted experts as confirming that Hanouna sees himself as the mediator between "angry France" and the rulers, and therefore it seems every evening that he is addressing "his people" who follow him with passion, and he does not hesitate - therefore - to direct various kinds of insults to a parliamentary deputy, as happened with Louis Boyar. .

Media expert Claire Sekai revealed to the magazine that her study of the method of work of the Hanouna program concluded that it relies on several elements to create success and spread among people and avoid any deep discussion about the real topics that stimulate collective consciousness.

Sekai indicated that among these elements is adherence to the principle of "the individual victim" in the presence of the victim and the executioner, and thus ensures that what will be discussed is the individual event and not the societal phenomenon.

This is in addition to the excellence of Hanouna’s performance, who is keen to run the program very smoothly and is never subject to the strict “contracts” of television that you can hardly find flexibility in.

In addition, he clings to discussing "scandal" and "normalization" topics with controversial topics, such as describing one of the journalists participating in the program to far-right leader Marine Le Pen as "the mother of the French" and calling for a vote on it.

According to Sekai, Hanouna during the last presidential campaign, and despite hosting many candidates who contradicted programs and ideologies, it was clear to everyone that he singled out the far-right, hostile to immigrants and Muslims in particular, Eric Zemmour, with a special preference.

Note that among the most prominent criticisms of Hanouneh's program is that it promotes the ideas of the extreme right, and is keen to host the voices that speak for them at all times and without the slightest respect for political and social lines.